Verizon LTE mini tower


Does visible work on verizon's LTE mini tower that you hook up to the internet?


If I am reading the purpose of a mini tower or extender correctly I don't believe so because Visible doesn't offer an internet package and it appears the device is used to extend Verizon's internet within your house. If I am reading that wrong than my mistake and apologize for that.


I will point out that even though Visible has unlimited data and it is not capped it does go against their policy to use their service as a whole home internet replacement.


If you have already have Verizon home internet and retain that service just for internet it should still work as intended. Visible does offer a discount on Verizon home internet but believe it is for new accounts for that service but you could possibly get them to add it if you join Visible. You would need Visible to send you a code and talk to Verizon customer service and maybe they will add it. The discount is $5 off a month if you have the base plan or $10 off a month if you have the plus plan.


Edit: if you can hotspot the mini tower and thinking about doing that just be aware that Visible's hotspot is capped at 5Mbps on the base plan and the plus plan now offers 10Mbps speed cap.


I think he means a Verizon Network Extender. No it doesn't but Visible has WIFI calling if the phone is capable of it.

Yes, I did figure that, which is why I said mini tower or extender.