Calling from Bahamas to US


I will be going on a cruise to the Bahamas soon and wondering if I will be able to call or text to the US from Bahamas or international waters


If your in the $45 plan you get roaming in Canada and Mexico, if you wanna be able to send and receive calls/text while roaming you have to activate Wi-Fi calling in the US test it make sure it works then your gonna be able to make and receive calls/text while roaming over Wi-Fi

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As noted, WiFi calling but test it thoroughly. In itself, for me WiFi calling has been very spotty in terms of reliability and most cruise lines will charge an arm and a leg for WiFi access. Chances are if you're using Visible, you're cheap like me anyway.

Best advice as former cruiser myself... turn the phone off and leave it off or just use it for photos. Enjoy the cruise!

Check your cruise line emergency calling procedures (ship-to-shore) and leave the info with whoever is not going at home. Usually ship-to-shore calling runs around $7.95 per minute - that helps to ensure it's a real emergency whether an inbound or outbound call ๐Ÿ˜€


Gab, please let me know if it worked- calling from the Bahamas. I am leaving soon & wonder the same. I have Wifi calling & What's app but wonder about other charges.