Haven't received $250 virtual gift card email after completing steps

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I tried to bring this to the chat and didn't adequate help. They told me that promotions are eligible for termination or change. That doesn't make sense since this is still being advertised on the website and was being advertised when I signed up in May 2022.

Also no replies in the twitter DMs/Instagram DMs from Visible.

Long story short, I joined earlier this year and completed all the steps of:

1 Join Visible and create your account.
2 Transfer your number from an Eligible Carrier within 30 days.
3 Set up your SIM and activate.
4 After completing 3 full months of service payments, you will receive an email with a code to redeem your virtual gift card.
Never received gift card. Help?

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Visible can't make money if they give it away. Here is part of the fine print, "This promotion is fulfilled through 3rd party, Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc., and may be subject to additional policies and terms." and another portion of the fine print "Visible reserves the right to change or terminate this offer at any time." Unfortunately you are not the only one that they have terminated the offer with and not standing behind it.

It might not do any good but you can try chat but wait times are as long as 2 hours, Twitter ignored my DM's and last time I tried Facebook messenger I actually got help within 45 minutes but think it is hit or miss there also. Good luck with trying to get your promotion but I wouldn't hold my breath. You can try filing a complaint with the BBB, there is a thread on here from about a month ago with a link.

Thank you for the reply. I've read that in the small print. The only problem is they are still advertising it the same. There has been no update or change so that clause doesn't matter. Unless they can point out the change and termination? Which would require them to update their website right now since it's still listed. So they are still liable to keep what they are advertising and have been advertising since I've joined.

They've responded to me via twitter and have said the following:

Awesome! I hate t be the bearer of bad news, but, I just checked with one of our supervisors, and unfortunately, you are not eligible for the promotion since you did not buy a device from us when you activated. *MPM

That sounds nice, but I replied with a screenshot and a red circle over texts that said it applies to those who bring their own device, which I did.

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It does say that but the first part of that also says if you buy a new device. Not sure why they haven't fixed the latter part of that sentence as I have also saw a few threads about it as well.

Next step would be would be is to bring it up to the BBB. I did see a thread that helped one person with filing a complaint and apparently Visible must get contacted by them in certain cases.

Thanks for the info and continued to responses. This is so unfortunate. I liked Visible but I also hate being played around by corporations. This is utterly disappointing. I've enjoyed my short stay here but that'll be it.

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I wish I could have been of more help. I like Visible for the cost but have saw this happening a quite a bit here and is kind of in poor business practice. I have been with Visible for 17 months now and I like it for the cost. The support is awful but I can put up with it for the cost of the plan. A Verizon plan for me is about a $100 a month and most other carriers are similar so this is it for me. Good luck if you don't stick around.