Calls to Mexico and Canada


Just attempted to turn on calling to Mexico and Canada using the option on my home screen. After clicking enable calls to Mexico and Canada it took about 5 minutes and now says calling is available. 


However, when trying to make a call to Canada using several different numbers always get a recording saying long distance and international calling are not available on your plan please call customer service. Anyone else having problems?


OOOPSIE I really need to take a reading comprehension course. In the message I got saying international calling to those two locations is now available at the end it says you need to restart your phone of course I was so happy I didn't read till the end. So yeah restart your phone and everything is cool.






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Hey there!


Thank you for sharing, and we're excited to hear that you're now able to use the new International calling feature. We hope that you enjoy being able to connect with your long distance friends and family! -TJ


@Laguna47 glad you’re up and running - I just made a couple calls to Canada today. 🇨🇦👏📱