Can't Log into App


I signed up for new Visible phone plan and bought a new Iphone 15 XSMax. I was sent a defective phone. I tried to get support and spent an hour with someone on chat who was not able to get my problem solved. Regretfully, I had to return the phone. Now I am trying to log back in to try and see if you received my phone so I can deactivate my plan. I have signed a new 3 year contract with Verizon. Now you are enforcing 2 factor verification and I no longer have access to the phone that Visible ported over. They ported my number for Xfinity and I don't have access to that phone number so I cannot get 2 factor verification and I cannot log in to my account. Please can someone at Visible help me with this? I have spent countless hours and days dealing with this phone and returns. My name is C. Reushcel.  Thank you


This is a peer to peer forum so unfortunately you will not get a reply from Visible customer service here. You need to contact them either by chat, Facebook messenger, X(Twitter), Instagram. If you contact them by chat type live agent to get the attention of real person or you will just converse with an AI bot. Once you get a live agent ask them to disable two factor authentication, they will send you an email to the address on record to verify it is you. When contacting them on chat you will be better off doing it on a laptop or desktop and not the app because you will likely get disconnected with the agent. Good luck!