Can't receive port out pin


My phone was stolen over the weekend. I recently purchased a replacement and am switching to a different provider because visible help chat is impossible to get ahold of. I will be in the waiting list for over 30 mins and then the website logs me out. I requested a port out pin via email and visible has not sent it. I tried to update my account to a different email address but it requires SMS verification to update. I do not have my phone so I cannot receive text messages. That is the whole point of trying to port out to another service provider! I am going in circles and do not wan to lose my phone number. Please help! 


Intermediate II

Some people are sharing that they’ve been in the queue for hours!  If you go online instead of using the app you can open two tabs, on one just keep touching your name, I haven’t tried this, just going from other posts.

Novice II

I’m having the very same problem. Please let me know if a solution was made or found. 

I have talked to multiple people, many people are not getting the port out pins from Visible. I have tried tech-support they won’t give it to me. I don’t get their email or SMS. I think they are playing games. My son had to call Verizon and get a supervisor to get the pin from them tech-support from Visible is useless, overseas tech-support that doesn’t have any authority to do anything. I recommend never coming to Visible.