Cannot connect to Smart TV anymore

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I updated my IOS to 16.2. I am finally able to connect to my laptop using hotspot. I changed the name of my phone and pw.  Now my Vizio smart TV wants a passphrase to connect the hotspot.  Does anyone know how to find it? This network doesn't know. And Apple was not help either.  Please help.  thank you. 


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I am not an iPhone user so not sure what a passphrase is. I am going to point out that the new plans only allow one device on the hotspot. As far as the Vizio TV goes you should be able to reset the network and add a new network connection and add your hotspot name and password. The Vizio TV I have that I am about to throw out a window I was able to set up my homes wi-fi and was also able to set up my hotspot from my phone also. But I have an Android phone and not sure how hotspot works on an iPhone. Maybe try and delete the the network showing on the TV and add the new one.


It might be possible to change how many devices you can have on hotspot, again not sure on an iPhone but maybe you can find it. But there may be a chance the SIM may have it locked to one device and may not be able to change it. I am still on the original plan so I can still run multiple devices on my hotspot.


Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Well I’ve tried everything to connect. And yes it’s a different SIM card before I had Verizon SIM card and an e sim in it. Received a new SIM card and now the TV won’t connect still. Upsetting. Thank you for your time 

Wish I could just figure out the issue.  The only way my laptop connects to hotspot is if I plug phone in it. Never was like that before😞

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Been awhile since I used an iPhone but as I recall and seems to be unchanged:

On the  iPhone go to Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot or Settings > Personal Hotspot and make sure that it's on. Then verify the Wi-Fi password, it should be displayed there. That's the password (or passphrase) the TV is looking for. Alternately you could simply reconfigure the settings there to suit your needs.

Not sure whether iPhones enforce Visible's 1 device at a time hotspot limt. I'm sure Visible might like to declare only phones that do enforce it as compatible with Visible. Some phone's do, some don't regardless of whether on the old plan or new plan.


Would love to know how to delete an app on Smart TV. Didn’t see an option 


I’m on an iPhone running 16.2

If you change the name of your iPhone under Settings - General - About be sure to restart your iPhone.

The passphrase should be the Wi Fi Password under Setting - Cellular - Personal Hotspot

Yes did all that, TV won’t accept my password as the passphrase. 

My Samsung has the option to reset network settings. Might try that first. 

Did that, still zero results. Thank you 

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Your mobile hotspot passphrase can be found under settings>personal hotspot. The Wi-Fi password section is your passphrase.

It doesn’t accept it. Thank you 

Unfortunately it doesn’t take it. It wants a SAE number 

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Is it a Vizio TV by any chance? If it is and you live on the second floor or higher toss it out the window and go get any other TV brand made. I will never buy another one in my lifetime.