Compatible phones, mine was, but now it's not. Need some clarity

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First of all, I am very happy with Visible. I signed up nearly 2 years ago and brought other people with me.

However, I'm a little annoyed now because what was once compatible is now not compatible and there doesn't seem to be consistency concerning which phones I can use.

I want to get a couple of things out of the way first though...

I know all about the SIM card issues. eSIM, GSM, CDMA, globally unlocked, factory unlocked and carrier unlocked. I know how to make sure the phone I buy will work with the service. What I don't have is a good, reliable list of phones that Visible will allow me to use. That is what I'm looking for.


Using the Visible's list of compatible phones, I bought my own factory unlocked Moto G7 Power. I activated my service using this phone. I was having a lot of connectivity problems and ended up buying a different phone which I absolutely hate.

I can't take any more of this phone, so I've gone back to the list of compatible phones. I wanted to find out if there are more phones now to choose from.


So this is what I found out.


My Moto G7 Power is no longer compatible. Is this why I was having so much trouble with it???  Neither are a lot of the other phones that were on the list when I signed up for services almost 2 years ago. *I STILL HAVE the list I copied from the Visible website 2 years ago. There is no mistaking that this phone and others are now not considered compatible.

?_Visible is selling phones right now that aren't on their own list of compatible phones.

?_If I buy a phone today that is compatible, will Visible tell me I can't use it later?

? _Moto Edge is on the list, but which models work?


There are phone compatibility lists all over the internet, several inaccurate ones on Reddit. Visible itself has one, but they are selling phones that aren't on that list. When I signed up, Visible was selling the Moto G7 Power, but now it's not compatible.


I just need a reliable, current list of phones I can use with Visible. Does this exist anywhere???


Thank you!




I have the same question. I found a list here, and it sounds like it is the same one that you are using:


Dear Visible reps, I am finding it hard to believe a phone that I believe is less than two years old, that was sold by Visible, is on this list, the 

  • ZTE R2Hot Pepper Ghost

Are you really making phones less than two years old obsolete?


I see the Moto E6 too, and I am pretty sure Visible was selling it less than two years ago too.

@CJ wrote:

I have the same question. I found a list here, and it sounds like it is the same one that you are using:


Yes, that's one of the lists. There is also a list on the  Visible subReddit. That list is the same as the one that was on the Visible website 2 years ago.


I chatted with Visible trying to get specific model numbers of the Moto edge that they let us use. This phone was also on the list 2 years ago. I don't want to have to buy another phone in 6 months. I got the run around. They said it's impossible to tell me if a phone is compatible without the IMEI number. I wasn't asking if my phone was compatible, I was asking for a list of model numbers. If I actually asking that question, I know the answer they offered isnt true. I told them if they really believe that, we should trade places, I should be doing their job. I ended chat after that. 

I purchased a used/refurbished Motorola Edge Plus from eBay and it is compatible. Not sure for other model numbers but the XT2061 - 1 works perfectly and have had no issues so far 🤞🏻


Okay a few thoughts.  1 This is my biggest issue with CS.  How  can you tell if it will work if you haven't purchased it.  You won't have the IMEI.  Do you think Apple will give you an IMEI number Samsung Google or any company if you ask for it?  No you need to purchase it.    Now as for the phone not being compatible now this is a guess on my part.  I suspect they made network improvements to make it compatible with more modern phones.  I don't think this will be an issue going forward.  Just purchase a phone they are currently selling and problem solved.


We have been on Visible with one phone for 2 months, testing the service,  and our phone is NOT on the list above. It was purchased from Visible and works fine.


Motorola One UW Ace 5g


Im searching for a list of phones, since I also would like to get on Visible, and want to see various phones to make a better choice for me. Getting serial numbers is not possible ahead of purchase .....


I agree have an s8plus working good. needed to upgrade to s9note a friend gave me to work with my hearing aids. visible now tells me s9 wont work. didnt really tell me. cant even contact them anymore.just showed when i tried to activate phone and put in imea