Connection protection

Novice II

I’m in the connection protection program. Yes, I was approved. And yes, I have a card from Blackhawk. However, what is going to happen when I use that card to apply on my Visible bill?
Is Omnicard/Blackhawk going to deny it? I have placed it in my payment que. but I don’t want to lose my phone and be put on pause, if it doesn’t work. It shows that I have enough to cover the bill. According to the wording of the original application, it was supposed to take over the payments. Somehow that changed to issuing you a gift card for the $25 amount. After it charged you. And it charged me for last month, on my original payment card. I just wanna make sure that Blackhawk is going to allow this. Otherwise, I’m not really sure what exactly the program does, if it doesn’t allow me to pay the bill with it? 



For anyone wanting more info on the Connection Protection program, I found this on Visible