When I run the visible coverage map it states "network available" but when I attempt to sign up I get the "there may be a network issue in that area". Yeah, it's a really remote area, but Verizon functions very well, but I can't find out if they own the only tower or piggyback off another carrier. The location is Covelo, California. Any suggestions?



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Verizon owns Visible wireless and uses Verizon towers for their service. If you have Verizon coverage in your area you will have Visible as well. The base plan is deprioritized and you are at the mercy of post paid Verizon customer if tower(s) are congested. The plus plan gives 50GB of data equal to a Verizon post paid plan but yet the speeds depend on other regular Verizon customer traffic.


Edit: Visible does have domestic roaming so if there is a lack of Verizon towers in your area or where you travel it is possible to pick up other carrier towers. Not sure who Visible has agreements with for that purpose.

I can confirm that Visible coverage is NOT the same as Verizon. I have a Verizon trial along with my Visible on my Pixel 7 and I went up to a lake that we sometimes go where I always had coverage with TMO or AT&T and what I found is that Verizon had a modest signal and Visible had no signal at all there. This confirms what their respective maps actually show.

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Go over to the Savings Spot forum here, pick up a referral link (mine's there or use any one) and you can simply try it for the 1st month for $5 bucks (base plan) -

That's the most active forum here 😉 Just use a throw away email address, get a new phone number and try for 30 days before porting if needed with your actual email address and another referral link.If it doesn't work out cancel before the next billing date - you're only out $5 and can exercise it thoroughly for a month to decide if it meets your needs. Can't even get a foot long for that anymore.

From what I have read on Visible's Reddit page they don't have the same roaming agreement. So yes, if there are a lack of towers the Verizon plan is likely roaming on AT&T or T-Mo towers where Visible wouldn't because of this agreement. Visible roaming is LTEiRA and from what I have read this domestic type roaming is very limited. I could be wrong.