Delayed Texts for days?

Novice II

Is anyone else having issues receiving texts? I know it's hard to know if you're not receiving something, but my gf, my sister, my Dad have been texting and they're not coming through. This happened a few weeks ago also, and multiple messages came through all at once one day. My cell service is working. I'm connected to my home wifi. I can make and receive phone calls. Just no texts. Pixel 6a - android all up to date. 




I had a similar issue a year ago where I wasn't getting texts until I actually opened the texting app and notifications were on. I contacted customers service and they did some background work to my SIM or something but not sure what they did. One thing they also had me do was text HELP to 67777 you should get a reply, then text TRANSACT to 67777 and you should get another reply. See if that fixes it. If it doesn't maybe contact customer service.

Novice III

Could it be an issue with RCS chats? Try disabling RCS chats in the android Messages app settings and then have someone send you a test text message to see if it goes through.


I have a free Google Voice account for testing SMS texts to my iPhone over Visible