Deprioritized All Day, Every Day. Service is unusable. Time to Change Service.

Novice II

It start's at 11:00AM, download speeds drop to 50K to 100K .. not MB.. Kilobytes.  Comparable to dial up speeds. 11:00AM to 11PM ALL DAY. EVERY DAY.

I understand speeds can vary if there is congestion. But congestion does not follow a timed schedule.

Somewhere around midnight speeds can get as high as 4mbs and I am ok with that.

And it would not be so bad if it was just simply slower, but the method of deprioritization ( QOS traffic shaping , using multiple simultaneous algorithms) makes it so the latency wildly fluctuates, so you cant just wait for a video to load and then watch it. Everything just slows to a crawl then speeds up then slows down. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY.


I am not going to Reset my phone One More Time.

I am not going to Reinsert my Sim, One More Time.

This is not a Me problem. This is a Verizon and friends problem.


Novice III

Do you live in a large city? Just curious because I haven’t experienced any throttling yet from what I can tell. 

Novice II

No I live away from the city. I have great reception.  Now the high latency is starting at 8AM and does not stop until 12 midnight. Like clockwork.  I hear Mint has a great deal on phone service. Could not be any worse than unusable, which is were I am at right now. Tried the help section of this web site and it did not work and gave me errors. So if any Visible employees want to get the ball rolling and fix my service that would be great. Otherwise I'm gone and will convince three others to follow me.

The is bad! Hopefully they can figure it out for you. The easiest ways to in contact with the customer service reps are through chat, DM on Facebook Messenger or Twitter. They don’t monitor these boards very closely. 

Months Later and Still the Same.

56 kilobytes a second ..  or less... 16 hours a day.