Did I register with "Bring my Number" or Not?


Hello Community - I want to port my number from my previous carrier at the same time as I start using my phone on Visible.  I did this with another line recently and it worked great.  


This time I had trouble getting my transfer PIN.  My browser session went over night and may have timed out.  When I entered the transfer PIN the next day, I received an error message. 


To try to pick up where I left off, I followed a link from the Email (You left something in your cart) I "checked out" but it never gave me the chance to reenter my Transfer Code.  How can I figure out whether it is transferring my number from the previous carrier or assigning me a new number?


Thanks in advance for your guidance.  


Intermediate II

I'm glad that you choose Visible.

Please chat with the Care Team at: https://www.visible.com/help/connect .

To solve the issues when transferring your number from the previous carrier.