Disable International Roaming

Can you disable international roaming completely? Such that it does not connect to a tower or pickup a signal abroad?


I see the Visible+ plan offers a global pass, but I would like to make sure my line does not roam internationally, and rely only on Wifi-Calling (or use Visible over Cellular Data) using my iphone.


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You have to specifically enable Global Pass (as well as autopay) for it to happen. Visible+ simply gives you one free 24 hour pass per month. Others as well as all on Visible basic you'll be charged as used if enabled.

See  https://www.visible.com/help/international-services for more details as to what happens in different circumstances when enabled (with autopay).


Visible is a prepaid service, so I wouldn't worry much about having a $$$ bill next month.

It works for the amount you pay. However I haven't tested how 1 day of global data works on Visible+ plan myself. 


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