How about some customer support?

Novice III

What you have now is not what any customer would call actual customer support.  Your chat is actually more dangerous to your bottom line than you know.  If not for the inablitity of you support to actually support anyone but your chat agents getting people of chat as fast as possible even if it means not providing them a resolution and ending the chat on you with fixing your issues.  WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED HANDS DOWN YOU WIN THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD OF THE CENTURY.  Its TRULEY astonding the depths of the incompentence or complete lack of desire to fix anything but to leaving you handing in chat just to say tough and hang up on you after hours.  Its is complete CRAP!  DO NOT SWITCH TO VISIBLE.  SAVE YOURSELF DO NO COME TO VISIB LE


Novice III

To use visible to is HATE visible

Intermediate II

I hate to say it, but it appears they don’t care if customers stay or go. I’ve been with Visible for 2 years and recently wanted to upgrade my phone but for some reason I’ve been permanently “blocked” from buying any phone ever…once you’re blocked it’s permanent and they won’t tell you why. Obviously I’ll be leaving soon.