How easy is it change plans / go back and forth (prior to traveling to canada for example) ?


I am interested in the normal Visible plan 


however 1-2 times a year we travel to canada and stay there for one week

I see the visible plus plan includes the free roaming while in canada


I can't justify paying for the visible plus plan ($45) for 12 months when only 2 weeks of out of the year we might be in canada

is there a roaming fee on the normal visible plan?

is it possible to go into the account and change the plan and then change it back? 





I have read somewhere that your plan can be prorated.  Since there in no contract required for Visible, you should be able to switch back and forth when you go to Canada.


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I’ve switched from $45 Visible+ to $30 Visible with ease.

Switching in this direction is activated at the first day of your new billing period

Going from Visible to Visible+ is immediate and your current billing period  will be prorated for the $45 Visible+ rate.

FWIW, I’m on an iPhone SE 2022 with eSIM. If you are on the older $25 Cloud based Visible you will need a new SIM or eSIM.

How can I accomplish this?  Activated yesterday and attempted to change plans to zero avail.  What do I do?


How do I change my plan?

Open the Visible app on your phone, go to Account in the lower right corner, then go to Plan


Or go to, login, go to Overview, then Plan