I need help from a human


I’m having no success getting an answer from your digital assistant. I’ve gotten a number of texts telling me I need to upgrade. I signed up for one of the new plans, got an e-sim installed and set up 2-step verification. But I’m still getting messages that I need to upgrade my service. What do I need to do?


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In chat it should ask if you want to speak to an agent. If not try typing live agent. You can also send them a message through Facebook messenger or Twitter, both icons/links can be found in the bottom righthand corner of this page.


If you have already upgraded to one of the new plans those text may have been sent when in the middle of activating the eSIM. You can verify on your account page if you have upgraded, if it still says Visible Unlimited for your plan you are still on the old system. Either of the new plans should say Visible $30 or Visible+ $45 for the plan.