I want to verify my compatibility




I want to use the plan of Visible, but it seems my phone is not compatible.

But as I know, Visible shares the frequency of Verizon.

Now I'm using the plan of Verizon, but the website says it is not compatible.


Are there some other factors to decide compatibility?


Isn't there a way to use Visible on my phone, without swapping of buying a phone?


Thank you.



Support would probably be able to help you the most.  Some reasons why it may not be compatibable is it may be locked to Verizon.   Do you own the phone outright?  If not it is probably locked to Verizon.  How long have you owned the phone if so, sometimes it can take a few days for the lock to be removed.


Visible support will be able to confirm if your phone is compatible or not :https://www.visible.com/help/connect/


Verizon support should be able to confirm if the phone is locked to them.

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