Idk what to do...

Got a zte A3 Feb 10th my sim didn't show up til almost 3 weeks later. When I was finally able to use the new zte it's broke has a bad glitch hangs up drops calls does a bunch of weird stuff deletes messages kicks me off the internet ect ect. By the time I realize this is happening 1 day after trying to use the phone I contact visible wireless and ask them if we can exchange the phone for another one that there was something clearly wrong with the one they had sent me and they told me that I was outside of the 15-day return period even though I didn't get my SIM card until almost a week after that I had no way of knowing that that phone didn't work until after I receive my SIM card yet they would still not help me directed me to the manufacturer who will not help me either so I bought a phone from visible that hardly works and it's caused me so many problems not to mention that I work on my phone and it has been almost 2 months now since I have ordered this new phone and I have been without a fully functioning working phone who do I talk to about this who can help me with this I should have been within my return policy since it was visible wireless who could not give me my SIM card for weeks I don't feel that I should just have to accept this phone that I purchased that is broken but I'm being forced to do that I was only given a $15 credit to compensate for all of this which is completely unacceptable as well who do I talk to about all this because this is unmanageable what do they expect me to do here and and then my next payment is due at the regular time like nothing's happening please help I don't know what to do


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Hi @michellewilkins, I am so sorry you are having this experience with Visible. I have escalated this issue to a specialized team at Visible, and they should be reaching out to you soon to get this resolved.


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So did they do right by you and fix the issue?