International Travel


I am traveling to Europe in a few months, and trying to find out how (or if) I can activate wireless service while there. I could easily do this when I had Verizon service, but it doesn't appear as easy now that I have moved over to Visible.

Can anyone provide some help here?  Thx



If your device is unlocked you can buy a local sim over there for calls and data.

if your device is locked to visible (with in 60 days of device purchase) you cannot activate/ use other network sim in any circumstances. In this case you may have to use another device.


If you plan to just receive incoming calls, and call to US numbers from Visible then you could use WiFi calling feature. But make sure you activate this feature before leaving US in Visible network.


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This helps some. My phone is not locked. Its my XR from my Verizon. I just moved over to Visible this past year.

My primary need for the phone is for data. Internet searches while away from WiFi and also Apple maps to find my way around France, Belgium & The Netherlands.

Is there a way to activate another SIM before I arrive in Europe?


I play around with app only eSIMS on my unlocked iPhone. Many give free data on the initial setup, which is great for testing. Airalo and Ubigi are some that I’ve tested from the Apple App Store.
Ubigi is great because you can uninstall the app if need be for Visible testing, etc; then reinstall the app later and have the eSIM also installed without making an actual purchase even after the trial data is exhausted. 


I am interested in the same thing.  Traveling to Europe (Rome, Croatia, Slovenia, Venice), in a couple of months and am worried I may be totally out of contact with the US.  I wish there were a number to call to get advice, or at least a help desk.  If you get any answers, please let me know.    Thanks!