Backup phone

Novice II

I travel a lot for work, and I'd like to have a backup phone with me just in case, a budget phone.  Two phones, one account. My current phone is a s24 ultra e-sim activated, no sim card, is it possible? and how? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.  


You can have as many phones as you want but only one phone can use the SIM, multiple phones can be functional at the same time. Since you are using eSIM you can easily switch the eSIM to another phone provided the backup phone's IMEI for eSIM is compatible the switch can be done on the app to the backup phone. If you are getting a budget phone that only uses a SIM card you would need to switch your current phone from eSIM to pSIM then it would be as easy as moving the card from the current phone to the backup.