Is Visible a bad phone provider?

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I just bought an iphone 14 from visible and ported my number over. Cell service is instantly down, I cant receive any phone calls like alot of people. What may not be normal is that I cant receive texts from android users. Just wanted to know is this the norm here? Is this normally expected from visible? 


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Is no incoming calls a thing for everyone?


Is the 14 software up to date? I have heard other users across providers say that the out of the box experience was "Off" until they fully update the device. If that doesn't work try doing a network reset on your device. 





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Additional information needed?

The phone has been updated. I have also already done a network reset and then did an esim redownload and activate. alot of people are having this issue right now, not just me. Im about to port out and return the iphone 14.

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When I ported my number a couple of weeks ago, my previous provider's eSIM went off-line within five minutes, then it took Visible FIVE DAYS to complete it on their end before my number started working again.

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I ported my number yesterday to a phone I bought form visible, and I am having the same issue. I can send and receive sms but I can only call out. I cannot receive calls. 


I have tried all the recommended troubleshooting as well, I am certain this is a carrier issue by now seeing so many people post the same issue today.


I'm having a similar issue where I ported my number two days ago and I was able to make and receive calls, data was sporadic, and I could send but not receive texts. After chatting with customer service yesterday morning, I was unable to receive calls, texts, and slow data. I asked for a pSIM after it was alleged that they escalated my issue.


Unfortunately, I may end up porting out because being without my phone is bad for business and I can't contact my clients right now. I never expected this experience, and finding that so many people are going through something similar is rather concerning.

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I also talked to some agent on visible today and they said we understand it can be frustrating not having cell service. I was like your business is frustrating me, I pay you for the cell service. This is your issue. I am going to give them until tonight then Im porting out. The only reason i am waiting is because there was a promo for a 200 dollar gift card and headphones if i stayed 3 months.