Is this some kind of joke


After watching many YouTube videos touring visible high speed data. I went ahead and signed up for visible plus. $35 instead of $45 for three months. Yesterday July 25th 2023 I activated my service. And I was in total shock!!! The speed measured by ookla was nothing like what I saw on YouTube. I barely got 5mbps at most I got 7mbps. I have an iPhone XR. And the speed is awful. The signal bars often drop to one bar and everything stops. If this is how visible is even on its 45 dollar plan. At the end of the month I’m closing my account. And I live in a big city the bronx


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There's a few things here to digest. Firstly, you said it yourself, you're in a big city. I am too, I'm in Los Angeles, and my speeds aren't always the fastest, due to the size of the city.  Secondly. those YouTube videos you watched, were they on iPhone XRs in your exact city and area? It's not really apples to apples if you're comparing a different phone and area to yours.  There's so much variability.


Your XR is almost five years old (release date).


It lacks 5G, and 5g UW.


Even PC Mag said it was a slower phone at the time of release:

"Alas, that's where the good news on RF ends. Because the XR lacks the XS's 4x4 MIMO antenna capability, its LTE speeds and reception quality track significantly behind the XS at pretty much all levels. We have a detailed lab report with some interesting charts about this. It's really inexcusable for Apple not to put 4x4 MIMO into a $750 phone in 2018, but it's all about differentiation and upselling. The XR also lacks LAA, a system that carriers are using to speed up networks in crowded downtown areas (and which the XS has)."


So, downgrade your plan and expectations, or upgrade your phone to a 5G phone, preferably with 5G UW.


My guess is you watch videos with phones accessing Visible's 5G network.

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Even on the plus plan even though it is premium data and not deprioritized you are still at the mercy of congestion on the towers in your area of regular Verizon users.