Keep existing plan but upgrade device


Hi! I'm an existing customer on the $25/month plan (which works fine for me). I'm interested in using the Trade-In Program to upgrade my phone. Can I remain on my plan, or do I have to change to $30 or $45 a month plan?


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You should be able to remain on the old plan until they make us switch sometime in the near future. I never got an answer as to when that will happen but guessing sometime in January when the Party Plan is eliminated. Not sure which type of phone, iPhone or Android, you are planning to get but I bought a phone from eBay that Visible sold earlier this year because the phone I had originally bought here last year shows it is not compatible with the new plan. I have not switched to a new plan yet to save the $5 a month and I have already moved the SIM card from the old phone to the new phone and it is working. If you are getting an iPhone and eSIM I don't know how they work to switch phones with that since that is different than just moving a SIM card.