More than 24 hours with no resolution!

Novice III

I activated Visible+ on an iPhone yesterday with one issue - it cannot allow more than one device to connect to the WiFi Hotspot. This iPhone, with the previous carrier, allows multi-device connection to hotspot. I have spent more than 24 hours with r/VisibleCareSupport with no resolution. Different agents have jumped in to the chat. There was agent VP who said “When Visible upgrade to the new version for the plan, it allows you to connect more than 1 device for the hotspot.”. Something is definitely wrong with the Visible provisioning. It seems like the $45/month plan is provisioned with the old legacy plan which only allows for 1 hotspot connection at a time. I really hope that my issue will be fixed before the end of my first month of use.


I would love to see this fixed.  My house still has lines on visible and I would bring my own line back if they fixed that and the accessibility issues with the app.  You can't promises services then not give the customers what they pay for.


Keep trying. I would start a chat and ask for an agent, then explain what is going on.

Yep. I'm still trying.