Mobile Hotspot not working

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I recently switched to Visible and my Hotspot has never worked for me.

I have a Samsung S9+ with Android 12. When I enable the hotspot I get a message from the Android System that "tethering has no internet", and whatever device I connect to the hotspot, does not have internet access.


I've been on the chat with support several times and the issue has been escalated several times but nobody can figure out why my hotspot is not working.

All the workarounds and directions from the support team to change settings on my phone were unsuccessful.


Is anyone experiencing the same issue?






I joined today and installed new sim card. I can't connect to hotspot either. Iphone SE. Get error message" unable to connect". 

I even, as directed swapped the Sim card with another phone that I have service with (ATT). Not able to connect Visible hotspot, no problem using ATT.  I tried every suggestion from chat support. The issue has now been escalated as well. 

They advertise hotspot but at this point no luck connecting. 


I have an I phone 13 pro and it doesn’t recognize my hotspot either. I chatted with the customer service and they said it seems fine on their end????


I can’t connect either with my iPhone 

Novice II

Check your roaming settings, the robot cbat is useles for help. Totaly ignors any question and tells me to try airplane switch etc… anyway, try toggleing roaming or swithching pposite of what it is. I called apple for help a d they said i cant use w.o. Wifi,.. i asked why the fxxx i would have wifi with cell? May

as wsll be land line in that cass. Finally

got it thu help from buddy.