Moto z3 not acceptable to visible when it is currently on the Verizon business account services...


Moto z3 is showing not acceptable to visible (IMEI ) when it is currently on the Verizon business account services...perfectly working on 4g...?  Why is it not compatible with Visible since it's on the same Verizon carrier system..?


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Because even though Verizon owns Visible and gives us low rate plans they are still greedy and want you to buy a phone from them so they have blacklisted all phone that they have not sold here in the last year. It might be a different story if it was an iPhone as I don't think Visible restricts them as much.


Visible is changing the system to use what Verizon has been using versus being a cloud based system(information from what I have read) and with the change of the plans they have raised the rates but seem to have blocked all old phones. This includes a Motorola phone I bought here last year. Yes it works but I don't know if it will work when they make us change to the new plan.


If you wish to read up on my situation and what I was told by customer service you can click the link. 


It's a long read but the basics is customer told me my phone doesn't have the right technology whatever that means. It is currently working on the old plan and will probably work on the new plan but I don't know if I would be able to activate the new SIM card.

Thank You for the /your search for answers.   I agree with is money grab on Verizon's part.

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Just say you have an iPhone 12 and it won't ask you any follow up questions. Once the SIM arrives, pop it into the phone. Problem solved.

Worth a try....possibly the 7-day free trial...?

The free trial is only available for compatible devices on eSIM.

I see now that the free trial is for 15 days but only with a specific iPhone for eSim activation during the that would not work.   But still the possibility of a standard Sim chip attempt....!

Hi ZipperDrive

I was trying to sort out the programming/security on the IPhone trial "sim" chip or for the same on ANY "sim" chip that would or wouldn't effectively work on my Moto Z3 or any similar Android.   Any clue as to the programming/security on "sim" chips if any...?   is the only real requirement and unlocked/security and the proper chip size for my particular android phone...?   Just trying to figure it out before following your suggestion and starting the trial for 15 days.     

I read that the trial 15-day device needed to be a specific model level of iPhone capable of having a "eSim".....?