My Account has been on Hold for MONTHS! No Reason and No Answers.


My wife and I decided to move from Sprint/T-Mobile to Visible about 3 months ago. My wife moved first and it was quick and painless. After about two weeks of checking out the service I decided I wanted to move over also. I downloaded the app and began working my way through each step carefully. I got as far as "your service is being setup...this should take less than 5 minutes...etc." It spun on that screen forever and finally I decided to jump on a chat. Once on the chat the person stated my account had a 'permanent hold' and it was escalated to a 'specialist' for review. I was also told they would email me with updates. After about a week I made contact again to simply get the same answer. I made contact again with the same answer. I gave up because I was super frustrated and still had my Sprint service.

Today I decided to give it another shot thinking "surely, they must have an answer and potentially just didn't get back to me." I couldn't have been more wrong. Again I got on a chat and my account is still "permanently on hold." The person I was chatting with, Amy who was very nice, could not do anything for me. I asked to be escalated to Amy's supervisor and I got this:

"Hi! This is Andrea with Visible. We're reaching out regarding your request to speak with a supervisor during your chat with Amy about activation. Our records are showing that your account is permanently on hold, and we are unable to further assist with activation. Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day!"

While polite, this is a useless email. I still have no answers. If Visible is aiming to pull customer away from other phone carriers they have to do better with their support. It is evident when woring with Sprint or even Verizon (who is supposed to be the parent company) that they want your money so they will take the necessary steps to get your service moving. Visible does not seem to want money. The chat is essentially useless if the person I am chatting with cant reach the specialists to get clarification. I'm not even a true customer yet and my account is on hold with no reason for months? I cannot truly believe the "specialists" are working on anything having to do with my account. This is the craziest customer service issue I have ever experienced.


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If they are unable to further assist you they are not working on it at all. Verizon owns Visible but Visible is operated as a separate entity. The reason the rates are so cheap is the lack of customer service.

If you are still interested in switching to Visible try signing up for a different account with a different email address. Or try having Visible delete the account that is on permanent hold. It really makes no sense why they have done that. So you don't have to wait on chat just send the request though Facebook messenger or Twitter DM but I will say the latter never got me a response.