My Account is compromised - Chat support is no help

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I received email notifications that a Phone was bought on my account.  Also my shipping and service address were changed.  I did not buy the phone or make the changes to my account.  I immediately changed the password on my account and disputed the charge on my credit card.  I followed the instructions in the email to report the issue to chat.


All I am getting is "Hey There Were exited to help resolve your issue"  for hours now.  Eventually I got number in line "47".  I waited until it said "A member has entered chat and will be with you momentarily"  I got no response and eventually chat ended.  I have tried multiple times and am still waiting to talk with chat.


It has been 4 hours now since I received the notifications in my email.  I am afraid the phone will ship out because I am not able to get ahold of anyone through chat.


The system will not allow me to change my shipping or service address back.  Also there is no option to cancel my order.


Please help.


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Update:  Got to the front of the line again, said agent will be with me momentarily.  Then the chat ended.

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Several reports of this online. I changed my password a few days ago when these reports started coming in, using a secure password generator. 


For those able I would suggest doing the same


Source: I am an IT manager 

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Update: I have been trying to get through on chat, still no luck on phone or computer.  Currently "17" in line for past hour.

Novice II

Update:  Next day, first thing in the morning I was able to talk to someone in chat.  They said my issue will be escalated and wait to hear back in 24 to 48h.


Later that day I receive an email from visible stating that they are aware of customer accounts being used for unauthorized purchases.


Later in the evening I receive another email saying that my phone had shipped!  Whatever their process is, visible was not able to stop/cancel the order in the time between 7:00am when I chatted with them and 8:42pm when the shipment was picked up.


I tried chat again.  After waiting for my turn, they asked how they could help, and then never responded back to me. 


It is frustrating that the only resource I have to communicate does not work.  Also, that visible does not provide any resources for canceling an order.  The phone was ordered on Tuesday October 12 at 3:29PM and wasn't picked up according to Fedex until 8:42 PM October 13


I called FedEx to try and cancel the delivery but the customer support that handles this is currently closed.