My phone should be compatible, but system says it's not.


My Motorola Edge 5G UW (2021) should be compatible, but system says it's not.

It looks like the same phone that is sold on Visible's website. What's up with that?


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Because Visible has a whitelist and a blacklist, I think all 2021 Motorola phones are on the blacklist including the ones Visible sold. Even my Motorola G Power(2021) that I bought from Visible in July 2021 shows not compatible with the new plans. I am currently still using the old unlimited plan and have not switched yet but I contacted customer service end of October when it looked like we needed to switch to a new plan and I got that not compatible error. I was told they are working hard at getting as many phone from the old list approved for the new plans, that was 3 months ago and it has not changed. The other load of BS I was told my phone doesn't have the right technology whatever that meant.


I posted about this back in October and one user mentioned he bought a new phone and a new Visible plan at Best Buy and once activated moved the card to his older phone that was not compatible and it worked. You can get around the IMEI number verification by going online and searching for an IMEI number generator and getting a number generated for a Samsung phone and get a card that way but I have not read where anyone has activated it in a noncompatible phone. You could buy the cheapest phone Visible sells, activate the card and then move it to your Edge phone. 


One thing you need to know about Visible is customer can only be contacted by online chat, the app I not recommended for chat, also Facebook Messenger and Twitter are the only options. They have no phone number to call which is why the cheap rates. Times for waiting inline for a representative on chat is up to an hour or more and plus maybe hours to get issues fixed. I would guess that maybe one in three have issues activating or other problems and need to contact CS. Take that into account before switching carriers. I like Visible for the cost and wouldn't have a cell now if it wasn't for the price, I am willing to put up with the poor customer service for that and luckily I have only had a couple minor issues. 


Hope this helps.