Issues with port and customer service


I ordered my wife a iPhone 14 pro, she has an Alaska phone number a 907 area code, through straight talk which is on the list of carriers eligible for port in. and ordered it assuming I can get the $200 virtual gift card and the Apple headphones as well as the $15 / month, well during that activation, I didn’t enter the code for the price per month. Visible can’t port the phone number, and the repeated times they try and have me authenticate my account via text it takes an hour before I receive my text and by then the chat agent doesn’t respond to me. I need help with A getting the phone number over, and B getting the promotions! 


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First off the promos can't be combined. You can have one but not both, it does say that in the fine print. 


I would guess that since the phone number is not in the area codes of the lower 48, that may be the reason it can't be ported in but I am just guessing on that.


They should have also sent verification by email(I think). I know verification for chat are done by both but the text verification never works. 


You have 2 other option for getting a hold of customer service, By Twitter message and Facebook messenger and I have had good success with the latter.


If you need further assistance you will need to get a hold of customer service. Good luck!