New Service - Ported - No incoming calls on Apple iPhone 6s


I ported my phone over from ATT yesterday. I waited in chat for about 2 hours and they said there were issues with incoming calls and they would create a ticket.

I also tried resetting all network settings.

This morning there was an app update, but the solution to the incoming calls on other articles was to use the eSim option. Apple iPhone 6s does not support esim.


Awaiting a solution for this.


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Over in other threads people are reporting success with physical SIMs.

Kudos to you for hanging in with a 6s. The phone we were retiring in this move was a 6. Being limited to iOS 12 simply became unrealistic, that and the battery. 7-8 years out of a single phone wasn't bad. At least you have iOS 15 available  to you. Interested to know how it works for you out on the end of the bell curve :-).


Can you direct me to the threads where people are reporting success with physical SIMs? I can't find them.  I got an email from the Visible "care" team  2 hours ago saying that my problem should be resolved in 24 - 48 hours.  Yesterday, chat support also said 24 - 48 hours. ๐Ÿ™„


@capbrown50 one link here  and also here . Can't validate any of it as I don't have the hardware. @Cneighbors post is particularly encouraging because they are using an iPhone 8 which is genuinely physical sim only. Might be worth asking them about the specifics.

Did you ever get your incoming call issue resolved? I have a iPhone 8 Plus and am having the same issue with no help from chat support. Please help!