No Service & Can't Access My Visible Acct Because 2-Way Authentication Sends Code to Phone!


I have been without service for 5 days now.  While I can get a Wi-Fi signal without any problems, I have zero cell service.  I verified that my account is paid.  (I checked my credit card statement.)  I have gone through all of the steps suggested by Visible (by accessing my husband's account), and even followed steps suggested by other trusted sources - nothing still.  I would like to be able to access my Visible account, but cannot because the authentication code is being sent to my not-in-service phone, and I have yet to find a way either to (a) direct the code to my husband's phone  or (b) override the authentication process.


Any suggestions on how to actually communicate with Visible regarding my lack of cell service would be much appreciated.  Thank you. 


Novice II

I had a similar situation in that the code was sent to my phone that did not have cell service. Fortunately, the

code was also sent to my email address. Have you checked your email? I found it was best to be logged into my email so I got the code ASAP. Hope this helps.

Unfortunately, nothing in email.  😞


Got a code for Trusted Devices. However, NO help, tried live chat 3 separate times for hour and a half.  Timed out - a joke. All I want to do is cancel service.  have new phone# and new carrier.

But Visible is still charging via autopay, that I can't disable.