No longer compatible?


We signed up for Visible in July of 2022.  We upgraded to Galaxy s20 G5 phones with two that at the time were compatible.  Now Visible says they are upgrading their network but one phone is no longer compatible.  The other, (exact same model) is just fine.  Visible's solution is for me to buy a new phone for as much as $2000.  Reading through other forum questions,  it ultimately comes down to Visible not updating their IMEI database.  

How do I get them to update their database?  I'll drop Visible before I get forced into buying a new $1000 phone every year just because they don't update their database. 



Same boat, we got s23 ultras.   Unlocked.    Straight from samsung and being told they are not compatible.    Ill be heading to pure talk once they decide to pull the plug on my service.   Not going to buy 2500 worth of phones again