Not able to activate new phone

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I purchased a new iPhone 14 Pro from Visible to replace my iPhone 7. I went through the process of transferring the info and then proceeded to the Visible app on the new phone. I always get to the point of sending the code via SMS to my Visible mobile number and it never comes through to my old phone. I have tested texting and it works fine on wifi. I have been on at least three Visible chat support sessions. The sessions probably added up to four hours. I have been happy with Visible and the straight forward business strategy but this experience has got me so frustrated that I am about to switch to T-Mobile.


Has anyone else had this problem? Any idea what could be causing the verification not to come through?

  • I have reset the new phone.
  • I have reinstalled the visible app
  • The support teams email verification is not going through either
  • It only uses an eSim because it is the iPhone 14
  • I can log into my Visible account and it looks ok but I do not know why their email verification is not working



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Hello @swoopusa 

From reading your post it sounds like you no longer have service on your iPhone 7.

If you are sending text messages over Wi-Fi and they are Blue you are using iMessage, this feature does not need a cellular plan.

If you are using the new iPhone verify you are logged into the Mail app with the same email your visible account has on-file. Go into the Visible Mobile app press (account) and check under your name.


Thanks for responding to my cry for help. I am still using my iPhone 7 with no issues. The problem is I cannot activate my new iPhone 14Pro. It is connected to wifi and yes I can receive text messages via iMessage. Its been a week and I have tried everything and I never receive the one-time code via SMS to my Visible mobile number. Suggesting's? 

“Connected to Wi-Fi and you can receive text messages via iMessage.”

 The one-time code you are expecting to receive is automated from visible, it is not going to be received as an iMessage.

You can use the iPhone 7 without issues: 

  • Can you still dial calls and send and receive texts without Wi-Fi on the iPhone 7 to someone without an iPhone? 
  • Do you have Wi-Fi calling turned on the iPhone7? If so try turning off Wi-Fi and going somewhere you have a good signal. (I have had issues receiving one-time codes via SMS on Wi-Fi calling.)

Hi domG,

Yes I can make calls and receive text without wifi on my iPhone 7. I just tested it with an android user. I also tried to activate the new phone again with no results. 

Thanks for the suggestion anyway.


If you have not already tried:

Ask support for a brand new eSim. 
Support will ask for the new phones IMEI. Dial *#06# on the iPhone 14 and the info will come up.

Use a desktop/laptop if you can, just don’t use the iPhone 14 if you use live chat in case you have to reset it during the process (I had my own issue and I chatted via Facebook messenger, the response time is slower but I didn’t have to worry about walking away from my computer and missing the queue on the live chat or getting disconnected.)

  • Check your email from the computer and the emails spam folder.
  • Verify with support they are sending the email verification to the correct email address.


After thinking about your issue. You have an iPhone 7 with a physical sim and you need to transfer that as an eSim to the iPhone 14 because it does not support the physical sim


  • eSim is not supported by the iPhone 7
  • You need have to have an eSim to transfer an eSim
  • iPhone 14 does not have a SIM card slot.

Support needs to give you a completely new sim. Still verify you didn’t lose service on the iPhone 7 (sim number disconnected) if you have to receive sms verification.



Been on the pc chat support for hours and we have tried everything you mentioned. They even convinced me to upgrade to the new $30 service and sent a new physical sim for the iPhone 7. The weird thing is I am not receiving emails from Visible support. The emails come through as messages to my iphone to verify my email. I checked with them and they are sending it to the correct email. They are are not going to junk or spam. They finally gave me a case number and said that the internal tech team was working on it. That was three days ago.

I do appreciate your input and willingness to help.

I am not able to receive an email from them so I cant even port out to another carrier. Should I try to edit my email in my profile?


You would have to wait  30 days to get that email. The fine print under edit profile:

“If you recently updated your email, we’ll continue to send emails of a sensitive nature to your old email address for 30 days. Once your email has been in our system for 30 days, we will begin sending all emails to your new address.”


Have you possibly changed your email in the past 30 days?

 Also check these solutions out: 



The exact same thing is happening to me now. I can’t get the verification code from Visible. I also have been on fb messenger for hours and they have now expedited it higher up. Did you get a resolution?


The same thing has been happening to me. I can’t receive the 4 digit code to set my new phone from visible. I’ve been on fb messenger too for hours and they have now expedited it higher up. Did you ever get a resolution?

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I am having a very similar issue. Was this ever resolved or did you switch service providers?

No. I have been on vacation using Whats App on the new phone. I just got back and I am having the same issue with not receiving the text verification code on my old phone. So far my new phone was great taking photos and videos. 😞

Update - I received an email stating that they have have fixed my email issue. I thought great, I got an email so it must be fixed. When trying to log into my account it doesn't recognize my email login. @#%! So, now I cant login into my Visible account, I cant use my new Visible iPhone 14pro, I am not receiving txt/sms or email verifications. I can only use my old phone that that cant transfer over due to the problem of not being able to verify it via sms or email. At this point I just want to leave Visible but I would like to keep my number that I have had for over 20 years. This is terrible! 


Having the same issue you are all having. Visible cannot verify my email, therefore I can't activate my phone. Been chatting for hours because they ask for same info over and over and no solution. Sometimes I get the email to verify and sometimes not. When I do get it and respond "yes, it's me", visible never gets it. This has been going on for more than a week. Totally frustrated and disgusted. Wish I never heard of Visible. Unfortunately I bought the phone from them (paid for the whole thing on credit card). Since it can't be activated, they won't unlock it. So next step is to return the phone and hope they credit my card. I was changing carriers because Verizon has gotten so expensive for one line and I was trying to save money. Now if they don't credit my card in a timely fashion, I can't get another phone. What a nightmare!


did you ever get this resolved?  I have new 14Pro and cannot make calls or emails on old phone or new phone!!!