Oneplus 9 Pro No longer showing 5G


When I got my 9 Pro It regularly showed i was connected to 5G  I am in the Columbus Dayton area and I know it is available in this area.  However it no longer shows it as an option on my device. The settings to enable it have also gone away. Is this a Oneplus issue or a Visible issue? 


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My regular OnePlus 9 also did the but it's been like that for months. I never saw any real speed difference with 5G in my area though


Recently switched over from Metro (was terrible where I am) and spoke to a rep about this. Not sure why it's not a default option in SIM & Network, but you can re-enable 5G by typing *#*#4636#*#* into the Phone app, selecting Phone information and selecting one of the NR/... networks. I just picked the one with the most range, but I think we can use NR/LTE and be fine as I have read Verizon tags our SIMs as CDMA-less (without that tag and 2G enabled, say goodbye to texts).

Would you clarify a couple of things?

Were you successful on getting 5g on your phone with the #*code and network selection? 

What model of phone? (OP 9 Pro?)

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To turn on 5G on your OnePlus 8/pro or OnePlus 9/pro do the following:

1) Dial *#*#4636#*#*

2) Choose "Phone Information"

3) Under "Set Preferred Network Type:" choose "NR/LTE"

4) Enjoy your 5G connection!