Pixel 7 pro activation


I just bought a Pixel 7 pro from the Google play store, "unlocked"  The imei checks out.  But when I try to activate it, the phone app says the imei I entered is not available??? the chat bot is no help!!! What am I doing wrong?



Your doing nothing wrong.  It's visible.  They are too lazy.  Haven't tried this.  Get the manual configuration to add the sim yourself.  That's what I had to do a year ago with both Visible and T-Mobile 


You're doing nothing wrong, Visible just doesn't recognize phones they don't sell.  I had to say I had a different make/model in order to get an eSIM.

Now that I've upgraded to a Pixel 7, visible's eSIM doesn't work in it...I'm having to wait for them to send me a physical SIM...7 days now since they claim to have shipped it, still no phone service and no SIM.  visible claims they have supply and shipping delays, and just keep asking me in broken english to "just be patient."