Porting out Pin


I am trying to transfer my number and I got my pin its 4 digits and it wouldn't go though 3 times and even my fiance has his port pin and it is 6 digits what can I do


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Hey there!

The Visible Care Team would be the best resource to help with transferring your number. They can be reached through the Live Chat feature on the website or in the app, Facebook (Visible Mobile), or Twitter (@VisibleCare).

Unfortunately they aren't any help. I'm dealing with them right now as well and T-Mobile has tried everything they can. Something is broke on the Visible side. 


And they gave me the wrong pin that broke this process. Now I have to wait 4 or 5 days they say! 

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Hi - @Patty4yout and @devin37354 - I have escalated both of your issues to a specialized team who should be reaching out to you individually. Your experiences must've been very frustrating, and I am sorry you went through this with Visible. I hope we can get your issues resolved ASAP!


Thanks again! I'm staying here 🙂 Visible ended up being the good guys and I'm not 100% sure it was ever your fault. I'll never know but I do know T-Mobile keeps changing their story. 

I am having the same issue. T Mobile says that they’re getting an error with their account number. Visible chat said they would get back to me within 4 hours but I haven’t heard back. I


I would like to get the transfer pin