Prior customer before new plans


I noticed that visible now has different plan levels. But I am on the unlimited ($40) plan that was the original. I can’t find any information regarding this plan anymore. Since then I have noticed my hotspot doesn’t work on using it for a TV. (So I can watch Netflix etc on it) 

do I need to upgrade to the + plan now for better services? 


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I am still on the old plan and am waiting to switch to save money, so no you don't have to switch to one of the new plans yet but you will eventually have to. If you are paying the $40 and not getting the $15 Party Pay discount then you might want to switch now. 


I will point out a few things, one is that Visible has been doing system upgrades. With these upgrades the new plans, including the old plan, the hotspot has since been capped at 5mbps. It is now limited to one device, I think I am still able to connect more than one device but you are splitting that speed between all devices connected and if you have your TV and are using your laptop at the same time your TV will not get the speed it needs to stream programs. You might want to check to see what data speeds you are getting on your phone and make sure your phone is getting speeds well above 5mbps because your phone when used as a hotspot will consume some of that data speed to operate. So if you get less than 5mbps on your phone your TV will likely only get around 2mbps and it might not be able to stream a standard definition signal for Netflix. I know it is impossible to check speeds on your TV but with the TV off try connecting a laptop to the hotspot, pull up the internet and search for speed test, check what it says.


We will all have to eventually switch to one of the new plans. You will need to figure out which one is best for you. If you are seeing your data speeds really slow down during the day to early evening hours than the plus plan might be the way to go but you are limited to 50GB of premium data(not deprioritized by tower congestion) but once used up you are back to being deprioritized on speeds. But your hotspot speed for both plans is still limited to one device and 5mbps speeds.