Account terminated?

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I made an account a couple months back, and decided it wasn't the time to deal with switching carriers. Now that I wanted to switch, I tried to log in and my account has been terminated. Customer support said they cannot reenable my account, and a follow-up email stated that they cannot remove my email from the account. I've essentially been banned from Visible for being waiting. Surely this company cannot be this inept? 


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*for being patient.


Do you have a 2nd email account you can use to setup a new account?  While this might be inconvenient it would allow you to start the service. After your account is established for a month+ you can try changing your email to your original email.

This is not the first I've heard of your situation and I know visible is working on it.... In the meantime why wait? 




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Additional information needed?

Well I went ahead and used another account that I prefer to not use for this type of thing.

Now I see I have to miss a day of work to wait all day for FedEx to deliver a package since I can't have it dropped off at Walgreens. This is absurd.

Maybe this just isn't meant to be.

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Your comments accurately sum up Visible's lack of competence!


same issue here. im planning on switching and was just waiting to get a job to help cover the costs for it. im in the posisiton now but now i can not access it for account termination. I do not get it. is it because i didnt log in for too long? im lost on this issue