Promo code for Pixel Buds not working/too long

Pixel 6 Pros were purchased by my wife and I and both of the codes we received for the pixel buds aren't working.  Codes are about 13 characters long and the redemption site only accepts codes that are 10 characters long.  I tried to use the chat function but it seems as I have been ghosted as they haven't responded in 20 minutes.  



Same here. I contacted Visible Customer service on Twitter and all they did was record the account information and the code with a promise to send it to the technical team.


Same issue here. Chatted with an online agent who referred the issue to promotions team. Visible Care Team then sent me message to contact BlackHawk, their promotions partner. Talked to BlackHawk twice. They have no idea about the Pixel Buds promotion and referred me back to Visible for resolution!


Same issue... Haven't figured out a way to redeem the Pixel Buds A.

Novice II

My wife never got the promo code – how long after ordering did it take to arrive?

For anyone wondering – Visible didn't honor ours. We ordered on release day.