Purchasing a pixel 6


For some reason, I've had to go through the order process for my Pixel 6 phone and it won't let me finish my order? It's in my car I go through the whole order process but then I can't pay for the phone it only gives me one option to go through a firm and take out a loan which I don't want to do I want to pay for it in full right now but I do not have that option to do that. I've given my credit card information but they


Novice III

If your planning on purchasing a phone, make sure it's in stock and doesn't have the out of stock label on the top. For me when I check the Visible website it says the Pixel 6 is out of stock still.

Novice III

When you first add to the cart you need to have selected "Pay today $600"  Default option is to finance with Affirm