Reduced signal and data rate

Novice II


Has anyone seen a rather reduced signal strength and data rate in the last month or so.  I am in the Kansas

City, Mo area and since getting Visible I have had about three bars and downloads of typical at home of about 3mb and at my location in Kansas I have five bars and 15 to 20.  About a month ago  my signal dropped by to barely one bar and 0.5mb at home and  in Kansas location 3-4 bars and about 7mb.  I have tried the sim in another phone and had Visible send me a new SIM and nothing changes.  Since it is very

unlikely that signal and speed would change at points 60 miles apart at the same general time.  Makes me wonder if Visible has changed arrangement with Verizon or something.  I still can get a better signal and speed at home if I move about 1000ft from house but it goes back to poor service in about 10-15 seconds.




Hey there! I am really sorry to see that you're having trouble with your signal and mobile data speed. I couldn't say for sure what might cause that to happen, but I am sure that our amazing agents will find a solution or an explanation to it in no time. Feel free to reach out to them by chatting on our site or app, by tweeting @visiblecare or sending a DM to @Visible on Facebook. -LS