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Two days ago, I was expecting delivery of a new Visible SIM CARD for my unlocked phone. I waited all day, and my email messages finally said, it will be there tomorrow. Ok. Left my gate unlocked because I had an appt., and couldn't be at home to sign for my package. I left and when I returned, my gate looked untouched. No packages by my gate or my door. Checked online, and an email said my SIM had been delivered by FedEx. Except it wasn't there! Called my neighbors, no one had a package for me. I put in a complaint at FedEx and got a case number. Today, I talked to two men working nearby, at a business near my home. They saw a FedEx truck stop yesterday, sit there a few seconds, then leave. The driver didn't get out. ???!


Called Fedex again, they're '"...investigating the matter..."  I need a SIM to activate my service, so I needed to order a new one. Chatted with Visible and was told my first SIM order would be cancelled, then I could start over fresh. So I'm ordering a second time, basically to re-order a new SIM CARD. Except this time, I will ask FedEx to hold the package at their office, so I can pick it up. Customer service cancelled my order and told me to go ahead and re-order. I was just on hold a few minutes while they cancelled the first SIM card in their computer system. 


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This is a peer to peer forum if you need a new SIM card you need to contact customer service.


Not sure but Visible has restrictions on the delivery of the SIM card that it can't deviate from the delivery address. I don't think you can have them hold it at the FedEx hub where your driver delivers from. Maybe it's possible now but don't think so. Good luck!


1. Do you have an alternative place close by to have it delivered, like a FedEx Office location?


2. I have taken the tag left by FedEx to their local branch, and picked up my package when it was returned there at the end of the day (yes this was for a Visible order)



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