Roaming in Montreal Canada

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Hi. I'm planning a trip to Montreal Canada in a few months. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience using their visible Plus phone plans in Montreal. Did you encounter any problems?


I'm planning to be there for 3 days and I'm hoping to use Google to get me to places and to and from the airport as well as sightseeing


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You might want to visit the Visible's Reddit page and post this question over there. There are only a handful of visitors here, they have a huge group on that page. Setting up an account is easy if don't have one already. Link:


From what I have read it should work but better getting an opinion from someone that has used it there.


I tried posting now but it won't let me...says it was removed because I'm too new

I forgot about that. Try searching the page and see if there are some results.

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Thanks..I actually just finished reading most of them a few minutes ago. Some say they get throttled down in Montreal while others don't. Not sure now

Pretty much par for the course with Visible. Experiences vary (sometimes greatly often dependent on the phone you might have). Posts are only anecdotal in nature and YMMV.

Data is limited to .5GB per day when roaming in Canada and it doesn't take long to burn through that. Yes, some have said they haven't gotten throttled after that limit.

I'll have to get a prepaid SIM card that works there. Any recommendations?

Sorry, I would not have a clue. You would have to try and search Google to see what is available.