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has anyone else experienced terrible call quality with Visible? I am on SIM card number two from Visible and the call quality continues to be awful. I need bionic hearing to hear the person on the other end of the phone. Note: I am using a brand new device, iPhone 12 Pro Max; and yes, it's completely updated to the latest iOS, and yes, I've had my brand new phone's ear piece tested, there's nothing wrong with it. Would love to hear any & all feedback. Thank you in advance. 



Hi @darcdm - I've actually had great voice quality, same as other carriers, but I use an Android device and not iOS.  Have you tried playing back a video or other audio through your earpiece to make sure it's isolated to just phone calls?  Also, is there an option to enable WiFi calling and set that as the primary?  Then you could test making a call while connected to WiFi to see if it's better.  If it is, then it's a cellular reception issue where you're at.  Either way, please let us know how it goes.

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