Samsung Galaxy S21, version 5G (SM-G991U1)

I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21, version 5G, model (SM-G991U1) from Samsung and wanted to switch to Visible but the IMEI tracker and Visible support agent says that my device is not compatible with Visible Network. I wonder why?

I talked to Samsung Support and they confirmed that my device should be compatible with any provider since it is unlocked.

Visible is selling the same model. What gives? 

Has anyone with the same Galaxy S21, version 5G, model SM-G991U1 been able to switch to Visible?



I have a SM-G998U1 (S21 Ultra) that IMEI said isn't compatible and works well. All of the -U1 (Samsung Direct firmware) people I've seen are using with no issue. Put in sim and enjoy!

Novice II

I hav a Samsung S21 which Visible said was compatible however it’s been the worst experience.  I get messages 3 months late, phone calls can’t come in. I have to go to airplane mode repeatedly everyday.  Customer service does the basic troubleshooting and it never resolved the issues.  They refuse to escalate the call and then leave you sitting idle and you get tossed out of the call and back in the que to start the process over.  This has happened so many times to me and I have never received any resolution or any competent tech that knows how to fix the issue.  I think Visible wants to play with the big guns but just isn’t ready.  We will be moving soon to a new area and I will switch out of this inferior communication company.  I highly caution joining,  there are numerous conversations on this same issue on line, do your research, I wish I had done a better job of it.   They just are not ready for such advanced technology. 


Nope! Have the same phone and they now have given the problem to their SPECIALIST TRIAGE TEAM . Jeeeeez this isn’t brain surgery….. I’m gonna give ‘em another day or two and then I’m done… better have another service that’s working before you switch