Shipping / Billing address issue


I am trying to buy a phone for my daughter. I live in rural CO and we do not get home mail delivery... like it's not even an option for us. So we use a PO Box for all US mail. That said, Fedex and UPS reliably deliver to our home. I am trying to figure out how to place my order without it getting kicked back. I cannot even enter my physical address as it is "not recognized" by their system... I assume they use a US mail database to validate addresses. It also will not accept my PO Box. I have chatted with 3 different people that all independently seem to not even understand my issue. I literally think it impossible for me to buy from Visible (which seems insane) I have been a Verizon business account holder with multiple lines for years, and where I live Verizon is the only reliable network. I am SO frustrated that I cannot just place an order.



Visible ships via Fedex and they use many Dollar General stores as pick up and drop off locations. See if there is a location near you.

FYI, if you created an account or are on Visible already and buy a phone on that account just remember the phone is locked and needs to be used on the account it is bought on for 60 days continuous. If you give it to your daughter and even if she is on Visible it will remain locked indefinitely. 



It won't accept a PO Box as FedEx can't deliver to those address, not as far as I know. Since your physical address is not listed as a USPS address then yes it is likely you won't be able to order. If you are buying a new phone, Google Pixel or iPhone, the better option would be to buy it unlocked from the carrier. Motorola will likely not pass the compatibility checker for Visible unless bought from them. I'm unsure about Samsung.