Swapping Phones with Spouse


I have an Apple 13 Pro Max with physical sim card, and my husband recently purchased an Apple 14 with eSim which he's not happy with. He likes the size of mine and I like his so we would like to swap phones... are we able to do that and if so, how would we go about doing that since his phone has an eSim card? Thank you in advance for any help you can offer ๐Ÿ™‚ 



Youโ€™ll probably need to contact care to do this due to the fact that one of the phones will be deactivated after you move one to the other. Itโ€™ll be easier to use eSIM on the 13, otherwise you will be without service while waiting for a SIM to be delivered. Youโ€™ll probably have to use your online account to download an eSIM onto the second phone since there wonโ€™t be an active phone to move the account from. It would be simple if you had a 3rd phone you could use temporarily. Youโ€™d move phone 1 to phone 3, move phone 2 to phone 1, then move phone 3 to phone 2. That could be done right from the app.