Switched to New SIM

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Hey All! 

I'm looking for advice.  I'm coming on two weeks without service after switching to Visible's new SIM and new updated plans.  I have been on more technical chats than I can count and cannot seem to get this resolved, including two 2 tier teams who have looked at it and said it should work now.  I am regrettably experiencing no service despite this, I've flushed my networking settings, confirmed my phone is up-to-date to the latest software, switched in the old SIM and switched back in the new after cycling the phone on and off for each, Turned on and off data and service and to no luck, nothing seems to work.  

Has anyone experienced similar and been able to resolve? I've been at this for hours for the last 2 weeks now and 



Same issue! Nothing has worked. No Service!!! 


Same Issue!!! No Service!!!


I finally got mine activated. The steps I was given in the chat session didn't initially seem to work, but I'll share them here Justin case.


"Remove the new sim card and insert the old sim card and perform reset network settings and uninstall the Visible app and switch off the device, then remove the old sim card and turn on the device and install the Visible app after that, insert the new sim card and log-in to the app."


The phone actually turned off after I reset network settings so I had to tun it on so I could do next step and then off again. After this failed to activate the phone, I tried a hard reset a couple times. Then I removed the sim and reinserted it, reset again. I turned off roaming, turned on airplane mode for (30 seconds), powered down for a full minute rather than hard reset. When I turned it on again, the activation failure message popped up, and a minute later followed by a message that activation is complete. Phone is now working. It's a ridiculous series of steps, but since you're all as desperate as I was, you might try.


While I finally got my new sim card to work, it took hours on Visible chat, and days of trying various "fixes".  The Visible team had finally thrown in the proverbial towel, and said a "special team" would be addressing my issue.   My new card finally kicked in, although I don't know why or how.   Based upon my utterly abysmal experience upgrading on my phone, I delayed attempted installing the new SIM card on my wife's iPhone.  Same results...nothing,..nada...SOS.  Accordingly, I have finally given up on the new card for her phone (luckily the old card still works), and will just leave well enough alone.  While I give the Visible support folks an A for effort, they receive an overall F- grade based upon end results.